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Inspection, Expediting and Quality Control Services


We are providing Inspection & Expediting Services for Fabricated Equipments, Piping Components, Machineries, Process Packages related to Refinery, Petrochemical & other Projects. We have been associated in inspection and expediting services for following items for the various clients.

  • Pressure Vessels / Process Equipments
  • Inspection & Supervision of Piping Erection & Site Fabrication of Tanks & Vessels
  • Inspection & Expediting of Valves
  • Inspection & Expediting of Process Equipments
  • Inspection of Stainless Steel lined Crystallizers
  • Inspection & Expediting of Steam Vent Silencers under fabrication
  • Preparation of inspection guidelines for Ammonia Storage and Distribution Piping System
  • In Service Inspection of Equipments & Piping Systems of Process Tanks
  • Inspection & Expediting of Electrical Equipment
    • Transformer
    • Switch Boards, MCC
    • DG Set
    • Motors
    • Cables
    • VSD, UPS, Battery Charger